The historic Holley High School will be getting a facelift. The building will be repurposed into housing for low-income seniors.

Once the renovations are completed the building will be renamed, Holley Gardens and will have 41 homes for low-income seniors aged 55 and up as well as commercial space. RuthAnne Visnauskas, who serves as New York State Homes and Community Renewal Commissioner, said this renovation could be a breath of fresh air for the region.

“With Holley Gardens, we are making the Village of Holley a more vibrant, enjoyable place to live and keep the entire Finger Lakes moving forward,” said Visnauskas.

The projected will cost an estimated $17 million and is being paid for through a combination of government and private funding.

The announcement of Holley Gardens is expected to be an economic driver, E. John Defilipps, Orleans County Legislator said, the renovations could be a boon for Holley.

“It’s projects like this that revitalize our communities, create more access and grow our local economy.”

Holley High School was flagged in 2012 as one of the “Five to Revive” by the Landmark Society of Western New York and is expected to complement the Finger Lakes Forward initiative that has injected more than $500 million into the region.

The Historic Building has been abandoned since the mid-70s.