A giant state-owned building in Greece that once held so much promise remains idle and off local tax rolls.
115 Canal Ponds was first going to house a solar panel effort, then another high-tech project and most recently was pitched as a site for the AIM Photonics Institute.
Since New York State chose to set up the main Photonics facility in a private building in Rochester, Canal Ponds has sat vacant.
“What has been frustrating is not just the missed opportunity and the commitments that were made and the enthusiasm that is now diminished, but beyond that since SUNY bought the building it takes it off the tax roll so number one it’s not on the tax rolls, it’s not a building that can be utilized to provide jobs,” said Greece Town Supervisor Bill Reilich.
Reilich recently sent a letter to SUNY Poly leaders asking them to put Canal Ponds on the market.
SUNY Poly has not responded to a request for comment on this matter.