LYONS, N.Y. (WROC) — It’s now been more than one month since a mobile home park in Wayne County lost power.

Just to put that in perspective, after the 1991 Ice Storm most customers had power restored within two weeks.

Some state lawmakers are now getting involved and were near Canalside Mobile Home Park on Monday. State Sen. Pamela Helming and Assemblyman Brian Manktelow want something done now. They are calling this a disgrace-and a state of disarray.

The Town of Lyons cut power to the park on July 12. They say the electrical system wasn’t safe. The two lawmakers are calling on the attorney general to do something. Senator Helming believes the park owner should be held responsible but also fears he does not have the money to fix the problems.

The lawmakers have collected letters from people who live at the park as well as written their own letters to Attorney General Letitia James — and that’s not all.

“So the AGs office is just one of the state’s agencies that we’ve reached out to for assistance. So the AGs office is reviewing the situation and they’ll make a determination on whether to do an investigation or not,” said Helming.

“The priority is to get that electric turned back on but giving them a place to call home, a little bit of pride there as well,” said Manktelow. “And also not only helping them but helping the park owner. The park owner, as Senator Helming just said, there are grants out there, maybe to help him to better that park and that’s our goal is to help him as well.”

Both lawmakers are asking anyone who needs assistance or who wants to share their story to reach out to their offices. For Pamela Helming, click here. For Brian Manktelow, click here.