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State holds meeting Brockport over canal restoration

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A meeting to address the Canal Embankment Restoration Project in Brockport is being held Tuesday after the controversy in 2017 when the state clear cut areas around the waterway.

The Canal Corporation will have a landscape architect will be at the meeting to talk about the next steps with the project with neighbors and landowners.

Last winter, some residents were upset after the state cleared trees and shrubs back from the path around the canal. The Canal Corporation said the clearing was needed to protect the embankment from erosion and improve safety.

“We’re in the home stretch now and the positive part of it,” said Brockport mayor, Margay Blackman.    

Now that the less pleasant phases have been completed, the Canal Corporation is beginning restoration.

Blackman adds, “it was really tough seeing all the trees come down on the embankment seeing those stumps there for awhile but now they’re gone and it’s safer, and I think people understand the safety.”

The trees along the embankment were removed for safety reasons and are now going to be replaced. 

“We’re making it easy to have this conversation about how to use the canal in a way that the residents have become accustomed to and restore the things they liked about the canal, but doing it in a way that is safe and ensures the canal will be here for future generations to come,” said John Callaghan, deputy director of the Canal Corporation. 

The Canal Corporation says they want to make sure residents are happy with the restoration allowing them to decide from a few options what kinds of trees they’d like in front of their property.

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