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A warning for thousands of local taxpayers: they have until Friday to meet a new, important deadline. Under a new law, people age 65 and older must register in the income-verification program, if they want to keep a star rebate. Local town assessors are trying to get the word out before it’s too late.

It’s more paperwork for senior homeowners if they want to apply for the state’s Enhance Star credit program.

“It’s so confusing because they give you so many forms to fill out and there’s so much on it,” said Terri Latson. 

And that’s a major concern for many because they won’t realize additional paperwork is now required. They must now enroll in the Income Verification Program this year, which is a one time process as a way to curb fraud.  For Terri Latson,  he went twice to the town assessor’s office to turn in the proper paperwork. 

“What they told me today, when I first, we have to go by the rules because you don’t have the right paper. So I went home and got another paper,” said Latson. 

The assessor for the town of Hamlin says there’s already seniors over 65 that are enrolled for the enhance star program but they were never required to verify their income.

“The state is now going to do all the verification for that. The assessor will verify that you are meeting the income level,” said Daniel Stanford. “Then you’ll do the income verification documentation and then the state will take it over. 

Property owners who currently receive the Enhanced STAR exemption and participate in the Income Verification Program (IVP) are not required to file any forms for 2019. 

Property owners who currently receive Enhanced STAR but do not participate in the IVP must file: 

Form RP-425-Rnw

Form RP-425-IVP

A property owner who currently receives Basic STAR but is eligible to receive Enhanced STAR must file:

Form RP-425-E

Form RP-425-IVP

Enhanced STAR recipients who are already in the IVP are not required to take any action. If the Tax Department requires additional information, we will contact recipients directly.

The state has always had an income-verification program, but now it’s mandatory. Those who meet the deadline by March first will get a break on their school taxes in the fall.

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