PENFIELD, N.Y. (WROC) — St. Joseph School welcomed grandparents for their annual Grandparents and Special Friends Day.

This is the second year that St. Joseph School welcomed grandparents back after COVID-19, and school officials say this is the biggest turnout.

“A tradition that we look forward to,” Grandmother, Sharon Galletto-Stengein says.

The classrooms at St. Joseph School were full, as grandparents were able to enjoy the day with the most special people in their lives.

“As a grandparent, it’s absolutely wonderful to spend time with the grandkids,” Grandpa Terry Lee says. “More than that, this place has so much energy, the kids are full of excitement.”

School Principal, Amy Johnson says that this year, the event is bigger than ever.

“This year we have more Grandparents than ever,” Johnson says.

“They make every day special, but Grandparent’s Day is even more special because we get to have this connection and just enjoy the activities that they’ve had,” Galletto-Stengein says.

Students like Audriana Wilson say their grandparents not only get to spend time with them, but also to see some familiar faces.

“One of my friends, our grandfathers knew each other because they actually worked together for like 35 years,” Wilson says.

For other students like 6th grader Ava Lee, this is her last year at St. Joseph’s, so she’s taking it all in while she can.

“It’s really special because I know I won’t have another year being at St. Joe’s with my grandparents, so I know I need to treasure this one the most,” Lee says.

Principal Johnson says this day is so special for the students and grandparents, that they start planning during the summer to make sure all of the memories are even better than before.