WEBSTER, N.Y. (WROC) — If you’re looking to buy a new boat or get a pool installed right now, you might be out of luck, according to some local stores.

Charles Corbbishley with RCR Yachts in Charlotte says he has less than half the listing they usually do right now. When it comes to boats, they’re pretty much out. 

“People just aren’t putting their boats up for sale,” he said .

If you want a brand-new one, they’re just not here. He has two pre-owned boats left here in the yard. 

“Normally, I’d have two dozen,” Corbbishley said.

He says if you want to buy a new boat, sales are backed up to 2023. Corbbishley’s theory is that the pandemic taught many of us how to re-center and re-focus on our families. 

“Boating is something you can do with your family and enjoy,” he said.

Andrew Effinger bought his boat from an old couple last year. He says he got lucky.

“But they’re really limited. And space is limited too on the water,” he said.

“I’ve never experienced anything like this,” said Brian Pepper of Ace Swim & Leisure Webster.

For the first time in 20 years, Pepper says for pools, the flood of new customers are finding themselves floating right to the waitlist. 

“Everything we’re doing for pools is for next year,” he says.

Hot tubs are also seeing a measurable delay.

Swimming pool at Ace Swim and Leisure in Webster

He says 4 million pools were added in the US just last year. This spike in sales he says is a combination of people spending more time at home, and stimulus checks. 

“So it’s been a little bit of the perfect, or unperfect storm that’s hit us this season,” Pepper said.

He says chemicals for swimming pools are also in short supply.