ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — An event was held today to celebrate and dedicate a particular solar project that was completed in Livingston county over the summer that holds more meaning than just how much power the solar arrays can produce. 

Today, members of the community joined alongside project partners from the state including Standard Solar, and SolarPark energy in remembrance of their late founder Tom Guzek; highlighting a completed solar project in the town of York that will soon benefit homes and businesses in the local community. Scott Wiater, President and CEO of Standard Solar said that not only was the weather perfect for the panels, but it was beautifully timed as they honored Tom and his finished solar array. 

“What’s great about this is not only was it Tom’s dream, but this particular project allows the local community to participate in cost savings in buying clean renewable energy, so an individual household can subscribe to a solar array like this at a discount to what they’d otherwise pay to the utilities so it’s a benefit to everybody that’s involved,” Wiater says.  

Daryl Pilon of Standard Solar said the process was long, but he is glad the work was seen through to the end. Now they can produce energy to be utilized in these areas, cleanly and efficiently. 

“This is a project that’s approximately 7.1 megawatts. It is a single axis tracker made up of modules that actually can produce on both halves of the panels as well as from the rear so we’re maximizing the impact of the sun and what it will do in terms of energy production,” Pilon says.

Daryl stated that Tom always dreamt about ways to market solar energy to make it more accessible to everyone, especially if you didn’t have solar panels in your yard, on your roof, or if you were renting an apartment, and that he worked nonstop to make this project come true even in his last days.

In addition to benefiting hundreds of local businesses and residents, this solar project also brings New York state one step closer to meeting its goal of having 70 percent of its electricity come from renewable energy sources by the year 2030.