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Snow plow and tow-truck drivers busy during snow storm

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It’s been a relatively quiet season for snow plow drivers, until now.

“I’ve been pretty busy, I go out plow a few hours, sleep for a few hours then go back out again,” said Joe Mascho. 

Mascho says it’s definitely the busiest he’s been all season, and with the snow continuously falling, his work isn’t done.

Tow-truck drivers like Scott Chapman, also dealing with the same kinds of issues out on the road.

“Stuck calls, people are going out there and getting stuck I’m up and down the road every intersection and sidewalk people trying to go and they’re getting stuck,” said Chapman. 

His drivers have been sent to calls throughout the day to help pull people out of snow banks who have slid off the road. Some he  says, not even making it out on the road, getting stuck in their own driveway.

As busy as they are, he says it’s definitely less than other storms. That may seem surprising he said, but he said, “a lot of other storms people would just go out but once schools and businesses close traffic dies down and you have very few people out there.”

He said without schools and stores closed, it would be a lot different.

“It’d be crazy probably over a thousand calls on the AAA screen, which is for the whole region, but people stayed home so it’s pretty slow, which is alright,” said Chapman. 

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