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Nathan Sengillo has been skateboarding in the area for years, but says doing tricks in Rochester has gotten harder as the city puts up physical obstacles, but that could soon change.
City Hall says it’ll be looking for a builder for a proposed skatepark in the coming weeks and construction could start in the fall.
Sengillo promoted the idea in a documentary he recently produced.
Why We Push was screened Thursday night at the Rochester International Film Festival.
Adam talked with Sengillo about his effort.
Adam: When I was growing up, skateboarding was huge. Is there still a giant skateboarding culture in the city?
Sengillo: Yeah, there is. There’s been this reemergence that we’ve had of skateboarders throughout and we’ve kind of had difficult times and that’s why I wanted to do this documentary because spots like Liberty Pole that were these landmark skate spots for Rochester, they’re kind of are being skate stopped and you can’t skate them anymore and the problem is the skateboarders don’t have a place to skateboard in the city except for the sidewalk and getting kicked out of everywhere, they don’t have safe place to skate.
Adam: What’s the message of the documentary about skateboarding in public places?
Sengillo: I guess the whole message of it is it positively affects peoples’ lives and kind of how you can create things outside of it. I have a couple people in it who have created businesses from skateboarding so it’s more than just this thing that kids or high school dropouts do, it’s an activity that can inspire people and pull people up. It starts friendships, it’s non-biased, it involves everybody.
Adam: As you know they are thinking of putting a skatepark right underneath the Frederick Douglass-Susan B Anthony bridge. What kind of impact do you think that could have on the community?
Sengillo: I’d think it would have a big one. It would draw more people to the city, it would help out businesses because it would be a pretty big skatepark so it would draw in people from all over the state to come and skate this park. 

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