Two people are dead and two others were injured after a pair of shootings in Rochester on Wednesday.

So far this year, Rochester police report there have been 11 homicides in 2018 and six of them have happened in June alone. While violence in recent years has been on the decline, it’s been a bloody month in the City of Rochester.

The numbers have many on edge especially the ones living on Champlain Street where police were investigating another shooting Thursday afternoon. It’s a sore sight for neighbors like Makeeva Alston who is fed up.

She says, “I am just getting tired of it. I’m getting tired of seeing people die. I’m getting tired of mothers crying. I’m tired of seeing RIP on Facebook.”

This is the second shooting in less than 24 hours on Rochester’s west side. After the shooting Wednesday morning, that left two people dead and a woman fighting for her life, Chief of Police Mike Ciminelli promised to reach out to neighbors.

“We will bring in the neighborhood and we will do everything we can to hopefully identify the people who did this and bring them to justice,” he said.

Alston says the community needs to to take back our streets to protect our children. “If you don’t want anything else, look at your babies and do you want the same for them that is happening right now in our community? If you don’t want it, what are you going to do to make the change?”