RAPA will present “Sister Act” March 4-12 at the Kodak Center for Performing Arts.

Business Manager and Program Director Eric Vaughn Johnson and actress Phyl Contestable discussed the production Friday on News 8 at Noon.

Contestable, appearing in full habit, said the role is different from her familiar characters.  “It’s not the Reverend Mother from ‘Nunsense,'” she said.  “She was kind of a ditz.  This is don’t mess with me Maggie Smith Mother Superior.  It’s a different skew for me, it’s great!”

“Sister Act” presents a great opportunity for the entire cast.  “We’re actually the first group in the area to get the rights after it came through on tour and was on Broadway,” Johnson said.  “It actually started off in London.  So it’s based off of the movie with Whoopi Goldberg, obviously the classic movie, but it’s got new life!  It’s brand new music.  It’s by Alan Menken who wrote all of the Disney scores, so it’s toe tapping music, it’s tons of production numbers.  The nuns were actually just trying on their habits that have glitter and sequins, and it just is an outrageous fun show that you’re going to leave the theatre feeling rejoiced and ready for 2017.”

There’s plenty of laughs built in to the show, and some fun choreography.  “Can you imagine 18 nuns, 20 nuns doing an ensemble thing and they’re all moving pretty much the same way and the choreography is amazing?” asked Contestable.  “It’s just beautiful to watch, and fun.”

Contestable said audience members will find themselves thinking about the late 1970’s.  “This is the disco era, remembering those songs,” she said.  “We need to just go somewhere and feel good about ourselves when we’re leaving.  Everybody needs that kick right now.”

Johnson added that “Sister Act” stands apart from the other show this season at the Kodak Center.  “Our season was primarily based on classic Broadway show.  We’ve done ‘My Fair Lady’ and ‘Miracle on 34th Street’ and upcoming is ’42nd Street,’ but this show is so different from all of them,” he said.  “It’s still a classic in terms of it was a great movie back in the day, but it’s got new life and it’s a brand new show and the cast is super excited to perform it, and I think the audiences are going to be really excited to see it as well.”
For tickets and more information, call (585) 254-0073 or visit the Kodak Center website, click here.