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Single-lane Marsh Road bridge open, boosting local business

PITTSFORD, N.Y. (WROC-TV) - The Marsh Road bridge that is County Road 38 crosses over the Erie Canal in Bushnell’s Basin and connects the town with Pittsford. That bridge was re-opened recently after repairs were made to replace the floor system. 

It is used by over three thousand cars and trucks per day. "About two years ago or so, the bridge went under weight restriction,” Assistant Fire Chief Richard Tantalo said. “Not allowing our fire trucks to cross the bridge." 

That increased emergency response times from two minutes up to an average of six minutes. "A fire grows or doubles in size every minute, so every minute counts, every second counts," Tantalo said. 

For the last nine months no one could cross, so nearby fire crews helped when they could to reduce risk. The chief added there were no close calls in that time. 

Businesses around the bridge saw changes in their business because of the construction. Rich Steamer runs the gas station next to the bridge and says it was a rough nine months. "Everybody in the basin has felt a cutback," Steamer said. 

Drivers just avoided the area. "They just went the other direction, they just had no reason to come back down this way," Steamer said. 

Now it is open again and he is seeing customers he had not seen since the bridge closed. "It's good, everybody's happy that it's open." 

The bridge is still one-lane, but the approach has been widened on either side to allow for better visibility of oncoming traffic. 

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