Nearly 100 grad students came together Friday to give a hand to local families.

Simon Business School, which is part of the University of Rochester, partnered with Flower City Habitat for Humanity for their second annual “Framing Frenzy.”

Students worked with habitat staff and volunteers to frame all of the interior and exterior walls for two homes.

“We’re all working together using the different tools, those that don’t know how to use them are learning as we go,” explains Candace Pugh, student volunteer. “It’s been great just getting our hands dirty and really getting to do some great work here in Rochester.”

“These two houses are going to be out 91st and 92nd houses in the JOSANA Neighborhood all within a half mile of School 17. So, we’re really focused on building this neighborhood, getting stability for these families,” said Ken Braley, volunteer manager at Flower City Habitat for Humanity.

The finished frames will be transported to build sites which will break ground later this month.