Rochester, N.Y. (WROC) — Walt Disney once said, “Togetherness, to me, means teamwork.” Leave it to the kids at Walt Disney Elementary School in Gates Chili Central School District to prove that true.

“The big idea today is belonging,” Walt Disney art teacher Kelly Hanning said.

Hanning is overseeing the work – a giant project starting in the cafeteria, for the cafeteria.

“The whole school comes here so this is the best place for the most amount of students to see the creativity,” Hanning said.

The plan is to have dozens of students work together to put up a mural by the end of the school year, all with the help of Rochester muralist extraordinaire Shawn Dunwoody.

He stopped by the school this month as the students were coming up with ideas for the mural.

“They may have differences of ideas of what they want to have done, but in the end they work together to create something and they can stand back and say we did this together,” Dunwoody said.

Fourth grader Wisal Maali was a bit star struck upon Dunwoody’s arrival.

“I’ve never met him, I’ve always wanted to meet him,” Maali said.

Now she gets to work with him every step of the way.

“We’re just trying to make sure there’s a certain message that is sent to the world and put it on a piece of artwork,” Maali said.

There will also be that unseen message – the one Walt Disney passed on years ago: “Togetherness, to me, means teamwork.”