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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — As you’re outside around Rochester this holiday season, keep an eye out for small packages with gift cards in them. A group of local women are dropping them a couple times a week and leaving clues on social media.

Amy Button made a stop at Cobb’s Hill reservoir this morning to kick off the second week of her holiday hide-and-seek.

“I’ve been very fortunate I’ve kept my job during the pandemic and so have my friends and we just decided if there was a time to give back and spread a little joy in the community while we were able to, we were going to do that,” Button said.

The idea started when Button won a Starbucks gift card and decided to give it away.

“I got on Twitter and just asked my followers to say who deserves this gift card and why and I randomly chose one and a local business owner Rory of Ugly Duck Coffee had commented that this would be a really cool idea to do for local businesses and I totally agreed and that’s how this idea was born.”

She places the gift cards out in the open in public places and whoever finds it gets to keep it. Button and her friends buy the gift cards themselves but have also gotten some donations from local businesses. She posts a clue on social media and three of the packages have been found so far.

“Two of the three have had people post on social media that they found them they’ve been so excited. It’s really exciting to see people so happy, especially during the holiday season, but also just to spread the love during a pandemic when everybody needs an extra mood boost.”

Amy said if any local businesses want to be included they can reach out to her directly on social media.

Some of the gift cards they’re giving away are to Ugly Duck Coffee, Cedar, Naantastic, Matilda, and Lucky’s.

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