INTERLAKEN, N.Y. (WROC) — Officials from the Seneca County Health Department issued a water conservation order for Village of Interlaken residents Wednesday.

According to health officials, the order was enacted due to a strain on the village’s water system caused by a series of dry weather cycles and continued warm weather.

Residents are asked to limit water usage as much as possible.

Members of the Village of Interlaken Department of Public Works say the order is effective immediately and will continue to be in effect until further notice.

Officials have also outlined the following tips and ask residents do their part in conserving water:

  1. Use your dishwasher and washing machine only for full loads
  2. If you wash your dishes by hand, do not leave the water running for rinsing
  3. Keep a bottle of drinking water in the refrigerator to keep cool instead of running water
  4. Use of disposable cups and plates to limit the number of dishes that need to be washed
  5. Check faucets for leaks, and check toilets for leaks.
  6. Take shorter showers. Long showers can waster many gallons every extra minute
  7. Do not leave water running when brushing your teeth
  8. Do not wash your car
  9. Do not water your lawn
  10. Collect rain water to water your garden. Water as early in the morning as possible.

The county’s health department will offer periodic updates as they become available. For further information, residents can call the water department at (607) 532-8882.