Monday was a busy day for gun control. There are four bills being discussed on the U.S. Senate floor regarding gun control. One would prevent people who are on the federal terrorism watch list from purchasing a firearm. Senator Chuck Schumer gave some insight on the way he will vote.
“The quickest, easiest way for them to kill a lot of people is with guns. These people shouldn’t have them,” said Sen. Schumer.       
Republicans say the democrat backed bill is unconstitutional. Some Rochester gun owners are paying close attention.
“I don’t think anybody wants a terrorist to have a gun. And we don’t want bank robbers to have guns. We don’t want all sorts of crazy people to have guns. The thing is, how do you that with in the framework of the   constitution?” asked John Osadnick.     
Doctors from around the country are lobbying congress for something else. They want funding for gun violence research. The American Medical Association calls gun violence in this country a public health crisis. 
“We need to understand that better so we can come up with a public health solution for this public health crisis,” explained Joshua Cohen, MD, MPH, with the American Medical Association.
The funding would allow agencies to complete the most extensive research on the subject in the past 20 years. 
“We really need to take a public health approach to this problem, recognize the rate of death and injury from this public health crisis and really come up with a comprehensive solution,” said Cohen.               
In the wake of the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history, on multiple fronts, the gun control debate is very much back.