You might notice a difference if you shop at Wegmans. Six grocery stores in Monroe County are now adding self checkout terminals. 

It doesn’t matter the time of day, the East Avenue Wegmans in Rochester is usually busy. 

To keep up, Wegmans is entering into the world of supermarket automation.  Customers like Kathee Tyo say this is a pleasant surprise. 

“Actually I was surprised they were going to do them at all because it sort of a customer service they must be responding to what other customers want, ” Tyo said. 

Wegmans spokesperson  Jo Natale says the East Avenue store originally had 21 checkout lanes. They have replaced 7 of the traditional checkout lanes with 12 self-service terminals. 

Natale tells News 8 most of their shoppers buy in small quantities.

“We have been looking at self check out for many years. We just could not find a unit that was compact enough to make it easy for customers to quickly check in and out their own orders small orders,” Natalie said. 

Natale also says Wegmans does not plan replace or layoff any cashiers. 

“So many of our employees who have started as cashiers on our front end have moved on to other departments in the store.  “

This new automation is all apart of the new Wegmans experience.