Security risk company puts down roots in Rochester


Security Risk Advisors has put down roots at the Culver Road Armory in Rochester and is creating new jobs as well.

Director Mike Pinch and Matt Hurlbutt, the President & CEO for Greater Rochester Enterprise, discussed the move and how GRE is helping companies find a home locally Wednesday during our Greater Rochester Enterprise Why ROC conversation.

“Security Risk Advisors is a cybersecurity consulting firm,” Pinch said. “We’ve been based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for a number of years and we work in a number of different industries; health care, financial services, manufacturing, retail, and various others – largely in the Fortune 1,000 or large company space is our core clients. We do a number of different things from hacking, attack and penetration testing, governance compliance, consulting, helping to engineer solutions, as well as 24/7 cybersecurity monitoring. We are about 150 people right now and coming to Rochester now.”

The ability to address security threats is just part of the company’s success story. “The fuel for our growth is just the continued industry need for cybersecurity professionals,” said Pinch. “This industry has what some people call a negative unemloyment rate, in that there are not enough people to fill all the slots that are out there in the marketplace. You see the continued breaches and things in the news. Those things are continuing to happen. They’re not slowing down and so there’s a regular and continued need for better cybersecurity talent and skills and we try and bring that for our clients.”

Security Risk Advisors is the latest company in the IT and software sphere to find a home in Rochester. “We are a college town,” said Hurlbutt. “We’ve got outstanding talent and a very affordable place to do business. It’s easy to connect and as we’ve seen in this case and many others that I think we’ll see announced soon. It’s that talent and ease of doing business that brings people here.”

GRE makes it easier for companies to find the resources necessary to make the move to our region. “We really pride ourselves on connecting you to the right people and the right resources to grow your business, and it goes back to connecting to those college assets as well as outstanding real estate and, frankly, experts across industry sectors to help you grow a business here,” Hurlbutt said.

With a growing business and a new location, Security Risk Advisors is adding local jobs as well. “We’re very excited about coming to Rochester and I think I mentioned earlier very interested specifically because of the talent pool that is here in town,” Pinch said. “RIT and the U of R turn out great candidates. We employ a lot of them already in Philadelphia and people who have moved in the past so, we’re looking for individuals with any sort of cybersecurity degrees, computer science degrees, individuals with any experience in the computer security field or an interest and willingness to learn. We do everything from software development to attack and penetration testing, so really across the gamut of good IT skills and a willingness to learn.”

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