ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — A shocking afternoon for a local man who found scorpions — yes, literal, live scorpions — inside a package which arrived days ago.

And the plot thickens: That man is also the drummer for the internationally renowned and locally-based rockband Joywave.

“At first I thought it was like a tick, or something. I mean, they were really small,” said Paul Brenner, Joywave drummer.

A package sat quietly on Paul Brenner’s floor all weekend. When he got back home Monday and opened it, he found something he didn’t order.

“That’s when I realized, ‘no, that’s a scorpion,'” Brenner said. “That’s when my shirt left my hands and went into the box.”

He says he saw about eight little ones, and one really, really big one.

Brenner says he ordered a T-shirt and some shoes from an internet seller in Hawaii. When he found the creatures, he called 311, then Rochester police were at his door.

“The cops seemed to love it,” Brenner said. “More kept showing up, they had their phones out, some of them were saying ‘I’ve never even seen a scorpion.'”

And yes, News 8 did reach out to Rochester police about this. They tell us the scorpions being there did not seem intentional. They say there might’ve been a scorpion that entered the packaging before it was shipped or was inside the item that was shipped.

“That’s almost the scariest part,” Brenner said. “Because, you know, I have a cat. My roommate was home all weekend. And to know that there were live scorpions, feet from my sleeping cat, and I wasn’t there, that’s just creepy. ‘Tis the season I suppose.”

You might recognize Brenner as the drummer for the rockband Joywave. They’re Rochester natives, with big, nationally-acclaimed hits.

Brenner still lives in Rochester and he knows this is not scorpion country, but like he said: ’tis the season.

“I was tricked, not treated today,” Brenner said.