Scientists may have found a way to get rid of pesky stink bugs

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Spring is around the corner and with it comes unwanted the stink bugs!

Pests that keep coming back no matter how hard you try and get rid of them and the unpleasant odor they release.

The reason why stink bugs are exploding is because they don’t really have a natural predator in the United States since they are originally from Asia.

That is why scientists decided to fight the invasive bug with something that is native to it.

It’s called the Samurai Wasp and it’s the stink bugs greatest predator back home.

Cornell professor Arthur Agnello says he’s starting to see the bug affecting farmer’s crops in Western New York.

Luckily for those who may be afraid of these insects, Agnello says they have no interest in harming people. Not to mention they have no stinger. 

“These are not stinging insects they are very small, tiny, they don’t sting anyway they go after only selective other insects,” said Agnello.

Some say this sounds too good to be true, Agnello says the only downside may be the wasps could kill some of the few stink bugs that aren’t considered to be pests.

As some can act as predators to other crop eating insects.

If all goes according to plan, the wasps will be put into effect this summer, starting with the most stink bug infested areas.

Now scientists are asking the public for help.

You can click here to report any stink bug sightings.

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