Sandra Sollie Case still on the minds of many over two decades later

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38-year-old Sandra Sollie vanished in Macedon on May 23, 1994. She was six and a half months pregnant at the time.

Sollie was never found and her case eventually went cold, but some haven’t given up the search for answers.

Her sister, Donna Neth said they’re holding out hope, while remembering her sister.

Neth said the two were close growing up and that didn’t change much as they got older.

“We used to go to school together, talk about boys and share clothes,” she said.

In the spring of 1994, they were both excited about Sollie becoming a mother.

“We were planning a baby shower,” she said.

But a nightmare began when Neth said she tried calling Sollie,but she didn’t pick up the phone.

“We went to her house and started looking for her.”

They traced her steps to the Ames Plaza on Route 31 in Macedon, but the trail eventually went cold from there.

State Police had begun investigating,as well as private investigator Richard Ingraham.

Ingraham told us nothing was out of place in her home when it was searched.

He said the windows were left open and the car was in the driveway.

The only thing that raised a red flag, according to Ingrahama, was tension between Sollie and her ex-husband, the father of her unborn child.

“They had an argument and they were fighting over the car and money and things like that,” Ingraham said.

Neth said she feels the baby had something to do with Sollie’s disappearance, but no one has ever been able to prove that.

Still, she still has hope someone will step forward with information.

“Tell us where she is. We just want closure,” Neth pleaded.

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