Sandhill Mobile Home Park shut down, residents given 30 days to leave

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NEWARK, N.Y. (WROC) — Sand Hill Mobile Home Park in Newark has been shut down and residents have 30 days to vacate the premises, according to residents and the Arcadia Code Enforcer.

A resident of the mobile home park, who wishes to remain anonymous, says the mobile home park was shut down by the New York State Department of Health. She says state officials were at the park Tuesday night informing residents of the park’s closure.

“These residents have been forced into an extremely horrific situation through no fault of their own. Sand Hill’s park owner owes a duty to his residents and his lack of action is completely unacceptable,” State Sen. Pam Helming (R-54) in a statement. “I have a call into the Attorney General’s office urging her to look into this situation immediately and request that housing be offered to these people who have been displaced from their homes. No family should have to go through this, especially during the holiday season.”

A Wayne County DOH representative says they are, “trying to do all they can to help the residents.” The State DOH released a statement regarding the situation Wednesday.

“The New York State Department of Health has revoked the operating permit of the Sandhill Mobile Park in Arcadia after the owner was cited for multiple violations of state and local laws and refused to make the necessary repairs. To ensure the well-being of the residents of the Sandhill Mobile Park, the Department is working closely with the Town of Arcadia and Wayne County to notify and assist them with relocating residents to other suitable accommodations.”

Back in November, News 8 reported on major raw sewage issues that were occurring at Sand Hill, issues that have been happening for years.

“When it rains, the neighbor’s septic comes up in our commode, in our bathtub and up our sink. We’re sitting here and this house smells like crap,” 5-year Sand Hill resident Terry Russell said back in October.

Russell said for at least three of the five years that he’s lived there, he’s seen major sewage issues.

“They tried to blame it on me, saying I broke it,” Russell said in October. “We haven’t heard from them in like three months.”

Septic issues wasn’t the only problem plaguing the park either.

Residents said in our initial report that condemned trailers were sitting vacant and years worth of garbage piled up. Residents told us that rubbish collection at the park was cancelled some time ago, and that trucks are known to pull in and dispose of garbage there.

Who is responsible for the park?

The Town of Arcadia Code Enforcer says that on paper, Phil Provenzano is the owner of the park. The same man who owned and operated the beleaguered Canalside Mobile Home Park in Lyons which was without power for 50 days this summer.

However, after speaking to former park manager, Phil’s brother Cory Provenzano, he says that’s not the case. Cory says the new owner of the park also owns 2880 Sandhill Road, LLC. Cory says that person met with the State Department of Health Thursday.

Cory says he hopes the residents of Sandhill can get situated, and like with Canalside in Lyons, the state can step in to deliver relief.

According to town officials, whoever the owner is, they have not paid the park bills for three months. Even residents have conflicting stories on who owns the park, and who to pay their rent to. They say various people have shown up claiming to be in charge in some capacity.

“And we’ve already had people coming in here stating they have already bought the place and demanding rent from us, now we can’t even get a hold of these people. And it’s like who are you people and why are you demanding rent? How about you start fixing our community. And there a bunch of us who have kids here. I have three myself,” said Sandhill resident Kimberlee Sebring.

What’s next for the residents?

Affected residents were notified of a meeting to be held on December 13 at Cornell Cooperative Extension of Wayne County, where agencies will gather to assist them.

In the aftermath of the Canalside Mobile Home Park saga in Lyons, where residents faced harsh conditions like no power for 50 days throughout he summer, Wayne County formed a Humanitarian Response Team.

Wayne County Humanitarian Response Team statement:

Check back with News 8 WROC as we will continue to update this developing story.

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