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Rooster roams the streets of Albany, despite efforts to catch him

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Despite rescue efforts by two local animal lovers, “Rue” the rouge rooster is still roaming the streets of Albany.

No sooner did our Albany affiliate reporter, Sam DiMascio, pull in to Parkwood Street, the rooster’s crow could be heard.

Neighbors say they’ve been getting this 4 a.m. wake up call since July.

“I gotta say, I like him but I hate him at the same time,” a neighbor, who wished to remain anonymous, said.

They have no idea how he ended up here but say he seems pretty content.

Rue, surviving the winter, is holding his own. Once these two local animal lovers got word of the bizarre situation, they knew they had to find him an appropriate home.

“Having worked at a sanctuary and knowing their plight this is not even a remotely ideal environment for him,” Animal Advocate Danielle Broeker said.

Up dark and early Thursday morning, they parked under his favorite tree. Breakfast was in hand and a crate put in place.

“They really like grapes, so we brought some grapes with us hopefully we’ll be able to lure him. We’ve got some blankets and towels and we brought a carrier in case he’s willing to kind of go right in,” Animal Advocate Katt DiCocco said.

They’d soon learn this little guy wouldn’t make it that easy.

“We don’t want to traumatize him. We don’t want to upset him. He’s had a seemingly peaceful life here and we don’t want to disrupt that, but we want to ensure that he gets to a safe place,: DiCocco said. “A young woman who lives down in Kingston was very responsive. She actually already has a few of his same species, which is a bantam rooster and she is willing to take him right in.”

No such luck, at least for today. These ladies say they won’t chicken out.

“We’re in it for the long run for him so.”


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