ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — An attic caught fire Friday evening at a house on Crossfield Road in Rochester at around 10 p.m. Firefighters with the Rochester Fire Department said the house is a 1.5-story wooden framed house.

Crews extinguished the fire with handlines. According to RFD officials, roof ventilation was accomplished via Ground Ladders. One occupant was out of the house upon firefighters’ arrival and reported that no one else was inside.

The elderly occupant was questioned by crews and checked for injuries. His only request was to have his house saved. He reported hearing the smoke detector go off and found that the light in the hallway ceiling was hot.

“He pulled it down, saw fire in the attic, and attempted to put it out using an extinguisher. When this was unsuccessful he exited the home and called 911,” firefighters said.

The presence of working smoke detectors, the occupant’s quick actions, and the call to 911 allowed firefighters to save the house and prevent its contents from being destroyed.

The RFD said while the owner cannot immediately return to his home, it can be repaired. Utilities were secured by RFD and then RG&E. Red Cross assisted with housing and a follow-up by the Chief found that the resident will be staying at a nearby hotel.

Truck 6 from Hudson Ave and Engine 9 from N. Goodman Street Firehouse had new firefighters working to put out the fire.

“In fact, this was their very first shift after graduating for the RFD Academy on June 29,” the RFD said. “These new firefighters performed admirably and their instructors should be commended.”