ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — With spring not far away, potholes are once again causing headaches for drivers all around the city and the state. According to Karen St. Aubin, the city of Rochester’s Director of Operations, all you need to do is…

“Call 311 and we will have them repaired in two business days,” said St. Aubin.

This time of year especially can be bad for potholes, which are caused by the freeze and thaw cycle happening from day to night here in Western New York. As water freezes, it expands and buckles the road. Then once the water melts, or evaporates traffic and gravity can cause the road to buckle in on itself causing the pothole.

One of the problem areas identified by the city where this happens the most is around manholes which they are working to fix with upcoming projects.

“On the new main roads that get taken care of or any asphalt that’s been replaced, there’s a new regulation that there has to be concrete around these manholes, a lot of the issues that we have are around manholes where there is a place for water to penetrate,” said St. Aubin.

These repairs are meant to be final as well since repairs in the city are done with fresh asphalt that in just a few minutes becomes part of the road and is able to be driven over. 

“We use actual asphalt, so this isn’t cold patch this is a once-and-done permanent repair,” said St. Aubin

Some roads in the city are managed by the state and are out of the city’s jurisdiction, but according to St. Aubin even if you bring a pothole to the city’s attention, and it’s not their road it doesn’t mean it won’t get fixed.

“If you call 311, if is not our road and it is a state road they’ll get it on to the right person,” said St. Aubin. Potholes can also be reported online.

Just remember, if you see something, say something, and report a pothole if you see it. Odds are in a few days it won’t be there anymore.