Keeping our lakes, rivers and streams clean: After a Rochester woman volunteered for an organization that works to reduce plastic pollution on the east coast, she decided it was time to do something in her hometown.

Tammy Bleier has always loved the water, so much that she made it her personal responsibility to protect it.

“It’s just always been something very near and dear to my heart.  We rely on these waterways for recreation, there’s fishing and we get drinking water from it, so it’s crucial to life here in Rochester,” said Bleier.

She reached out to the community through Facebook and organized a beach clean up at Ontario Beach Park.

“Every piece that we pick up today is one piece that’s not going into the waterways,” said Bleier.

It didn’t take long for the bags to start piling up. Bleier Provides data sheets to track what is collected and then sends it to the ocean conservancy, a non-profit advocacy group.

“I would like to see changes put in place whether that’s putting lids on the trash cans or maybe it’s cigarette butt receptacles because that’s far in the way of the item that we find most of or maybe its recycling receptacles,” said Bleier.

In less than two hours they collect more than 100 pounds of garbage. That’s on top of the 41 pounds of garbage they collected last month.

These Plastic Lakes Projects will take place every month throughout the summer.

Here’s a list of the upcoming cleanup dates.

  • August 4th at Durand Eastman Park
  • September 8th at Turning Point Park
  • October 6th at Ontario Beach Park

You can check out Plastics Lakes Projects Website, coming August 1st by click here.