The attack was quick – and violent.

A Rochester woman says two pit bulls were on her porch Tuesday when she went to let her dog outside.

The dog was attacked, as she screamed for help.

There have now been several attacks in our area in the past few weeks. One in Greece, where the owner is now facing charges. Another in Irondequoit. Animal Services has been involved at least two we know of.

Latasha Dunbar says that late Tuesday night, she had opened the door to let her dog Milo out when two
pit bulls waiting on her porch attacked him.

“I immediately started yelling, ‘please come get your dogs, please come get your dogs,’” Dunbar said

Dunbar says the two dogs belong to her neighbor. News 8 knocked on his door, but didn’t get a response.

Rochester Animal Services is involved in the case now, and says there is not a prior record on the pit bulls, and it’s still pending whether or not this will be considered a dangerous dog case.

Milo was able to escape and limp back into the house after the attack. He now has staples in the back of his head, and on his legs.

“He’s on two different pain meds, and antibiotics at the time,” says Dunbar. “I didn’t think he was going to make it.”

But Dunbar says now, she wants to spread a message and it’s simple – if you own a dog, be mindful of where that dog is at all times.

No one has been charged in this case. Dunbar was asked to file paperwork by Rochester Animal Services. She says all she’s hoping for now is a little help with vet bills, which are costing her around $700.