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Rochester woman still waiting on tombstone to be laid, one year after purchase

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A Rochester woman says she now feels betrayed after doing business with a local monument company. She says she purchased a tombstone from Marrion Monuments on Dewey Avenue last year and it still hasn’t been laid in its spot at Riverside Cemetery.

In September 2017, Sharon Hawkins wanted her late friend, Azalene Williams, to have a tombstone. To get it done, she went to Marrion Monuments in Rochester. 

“I knew the area but she didn’t have a marker and her family couldn’t afford one,” said Hawkins. 

A year and $775 later…still no tombstone. Hawkins says it’s been a constant game of phone tag with Marrion Monuments owner, Tim Tedone. 

So I waited until this year and I filed a small claim in small claims court. That was the end of August.

“I even said to the judge, I really don’t care about the money, I just want the tombstone laid down,” she said. 

A couple weeks ago, Hawkins went directly to his store. 

“So he showed me the tomb stone and he did it and was going to lay it down that Monday. I called him back maybe 2 or 3 weeks later and I didn’t hear anything,” said Hawkins.

So I went to Marrion Monuments today… and the store is closed. 
I looked on Tim Tedone’s Facebook page and saw that he posted:
“I retired just a few days ago. I didn’t run out the back door and hide.”
To get answers, I called Tedone, who told me he still had 12 to 13 orders to complete and he also said this:

“Well her tombstone is all done. All I’m waiting for was the cemetery to complete the cement work for it,” explained Tedone.

Phone conversation:

Jeannie McBride: “So you have been in contact with Riverside Cemetery?”
Tim Tedone: “Yes. Yes I have to…to make sure others are completed.”

However, according to the City of Rochester – Riverside Cemetery does not have a record of Tim Tedone placing a “Foundation Order”. 
In response, Tedone blames the cemetery..

“I’ll call the cemetery today, and I’ll talk to Dave and ask him.. did you seriously lose my paperwork. If he did, I’ll just pay it again.” said Tedone.

The City of Rochester also told News 8:
  “If the foundation order is placed they will gladly complete it and expedite it; given the circumstances.”
    If tombstone orders are not complete, Tedone’s customers are advised to call their respective cemetery and see if a foundation order was, in fact, completed.

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