Rochester runners to trek across Haiti for charity

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Runners in the Rochester area are busy training for the “Run Across Haiti”, an event part of the organization Work. The objective of the run is to raise funds to help place Haitians into good, dignified jobs and helping to eliminate poverty on the island. 

On February 16, runners from across the US will be trekking over 200 miles in Haiti over the course of eight days. The goal is to raise funds to assist the county in some of its basic needs: clean water, education… also, empowering citizens to find dignified employment. For one Rochester man who grew up in Pakistan, he has seen poverty firsthand, and wants to help wherever he can.

Prem Kumar says, “The mission is very important to the organization, to us, and to our personal connections. We are trying to raise awareness for the country and for the beautiful people and the beautiful place that it is.”

Another runner spoke about what he expects to encounter during the event. Dan Knoop says, “I expect the trip to be hard, grueling, challenging, and I expect the hardest part to be coming back…after going through that and seeing what we’re going to see.”

Both men say they are running harder and longer than they’ve ever run before, including time in the sauna to get them ready for the 80 degree Haitian heat. 

According to the official site, the run has collectively raised 700 thousand dollars over the past four years to help the island nation. If you’d like to know more about the Run Across Haiti, you can follow this link here:

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