ROCHESTER, NY (WROC) — Wednesday, emails were given to News 8 from the Rochester Police Locust Club, painting a more detailed picture of the night Mark Gaskill was shot and killed. Information the Police Union says the City of Rochester did not make available to the public.

Police Locust Club President Mike Mazzeo wants to know why this information, fairly basic details, were kept away. “Everything, quite frankly. I mean, everything was — and there was no indication as to why,” he said.

In summary, the emails say shots were fired from a vehicle that matched the one they pulled Gaskill over in, Gaskill also matched the description of the person they were looking for. Gaskill and a woman in the car were coming from the exact location where police say shell casings were found. Gaskill they say, gave a false name, eventually raising a loaded gun at officers and exiting. Officers firing back. It’s not clear if Gaskill ever fired. Those earlier shell casing found, matching his gun. 

“There was enough information that easily could have been given to the public,” says Mazzeo.

Sources provided News 8 an email from the State Attorney General’s Office that directs City Hall not to publicly release any information about this investigation. Mazzeo says the City is free to release information, and he says they should. 

“Especially when it’s relevant to an officer-involved shooting,” adding, “The AG’s office has said, the City is free to do their own investigation.”

Mazzeo says he’s concerned as to why he feels the City held back. “If it’s for political reason, I have a problem with that.”

The Attorney General’s office spoke with News 8 today and said on May 14th they did indeed take over the investigation, and any more information would come from them. A letter to the City of Rochester says police can do what they want with the body-worn camera footage and do an internal investigation, but that is not for the public at the moment. Mazzeo disagrees. 

“The AG’s office has said, the City is free to do their own investigation,” he says.

The Attorney General’s Office told News 8 the Gaskill case is under active investigation and more details will come when they have concluded their findings.