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ROCHESTER, N.Y (WROC) — For the past few months now we’ve gotten notes from folks in Charlotte complaining about dirt bikes and commotion in and around Ontario Beach Park. Today, a meeting with the City of Rochester Planning Office to get the community’s take on building a police substation in that area. It’s been a complaint among those living in Charlotte all summer a lot of illegal activity and too few officers stopping it. 

There are no official plans or funding to build this substation but the idea is to put one at the intersection of Lake Ave and Ridge Road. City officials heard what residents think of that idea.  

It’s been a complaint among those living in Charlotte all summer a lot of illegal activity and too few officers stopping it. 

“We need better response times from parking enforcement, it’s poorly run because it’s going through 3-1-1,” Fern Hilsinger who lives in the Lake Section of Rochester said. “The police are so tied up, we’re all pretty frustrated because we don’t get what we consider any kind of timely response.”  

Right now police have a five-section patrol model but this section in Charlotte doesn’t have a home base a subsection and most here at this meeting say it’ll improve the situation. 

“They’re the people who can protect us,” Suzanne Phillips told us at the meeting. “They’re the first people we call if anyone is in need.”  

The last time we were talking about substations was for the Goodman section — but the city says that got put on the back burner in light of Daniel Prude’s death and because the city moved some of the funding to the Police Accountability Board. Plans for the Charlotte substation were also frozen. 

“Don’t defund the police,” Patricia Rosati argued. “So that we can have a place for them to be and it would be like it use to be more neighborly.”  

The city says creating substations would not increase the size of the police force. They would just break up where they’re stationed. To those at this meeting, it’s a good idea. 

“There are dirt bikes or motorcycles, or maybe one night 20 cars speeding through the intersection where Patton Wood is,” Hilsinger complained. “I could have made a turn and got smashed.” 

The City Of Rochester planning office explained they have not been asked by the city council to appear with solid plans to fund and build this facility adding extensive environmental studies would have to be done as well. Plans discussed at the meeting tonight also include building a Neighborhood Service Center next to the police substation – which would be used as a place for community meetings or other city business. 

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