ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — A Rochester man won big Wednesday night after scoring a football card from a local shop’s live stream.

Tyler French and his friend bought into what WeTheHobby calls “breaks,” where the cards are drawn from packs during the live stream.

French says he was out playing Darts when his friends texted him to get on the stream, which was when he saw the card get picked.

Director of Communications Katie Snitil of WeTheHobby says the card, a “2021 Panini National Treasures Trevor Lawrence 1 of 1 Rookie Patch Auto,” sits at a value of at least $125,000. She adds that as Lawrence progresses in his career, the card will increase in value.

(Photo provided by WeTheHobby)

“From all of the texts and messages, I knew it was a big card,” French told News 8. “My buddy and I do everything together and we’re happy to share it. It still is kind of not a real feeling.”

Starting their business in Rochester, WeTheHobby has quickly become one of the largest football breakers in the world.

“The fact that this card happened to get hit locally just makes it all the more awesome,” WeTheHobby CEO Zach Stanley told News 8. “To have them come in and receive their card. It’s just a really big pull for us.”

Every night, WeTheHobby hosts live streams on WhatNot that anyone can access where they sell sports cards to viewers. Stanley says even if a viewer does not buy into the breaks, they pride themselves in their entertainment value.

An employee of WeTheHobby says many local customers join the live stream to buy chances to win big ticket cards.