EAST ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — An East Rochester mom is taking to social media after her 14-year-old son was involved in a confrontation with a man on the street.

The incident had racist overtones and was recorded. The mom, Christina Poles, said she reported it to police.

The video shows a confrontation between a teenager and a man, outside the man’s home. Police said this happened a few days ago. Poles said her son was with a group of girls when they got into a verbal argument with the man at a nearby park. The confrontation continued at the house. The police were called and everyone went their separate ways.

“He was outside doing it again, flipping them off,” Poles said. “My son said something along the lines of ‘why do you keep flipping us off,’ said some other profanities I wish he hadn’t.”

Police said they talked to both the man and the boy and his mom when it happened. However, they had not yet seen the controversial video and its shocking content. In it, the man says he’s in the KKK and threatens the teen with the “N-word.”

“It was like a scene out of the 60s,” Poles said. “You don’t see stuff like that in 2019.”

The chief told News 8 now that the video is out, police are investigating further and talking to both sides again. Poles said the man should be embarrassed and should be held accountable.

“It never affected me and now I see this video and it’s my son that this is happening to, so it puts things in perspective a little bit,” Poles said.

Poles said police told her they’d be making an arrest for harassment, but News 8 has no confirmation if that’ll be the case. As of Monday night, no arrest has been made.

News 8 did attempt to reach the man in the video, but he wasn’t available for comment.