Rochester Lilac Festival vendors hope for good weather

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The Rochester Lilac Festival lost a day on Monday, but the crowds were strong on Friday and vendors are getting ready for the weekend.

“Sad Monday, Tuesday whatever So at least it’s nice out,” said Martha Hamley, a festival goer. 

“Rochester’s great for festivals everybody comes out. What a great town. It is pretty when we get this nice weather it’s beautiful,” Tammy Sanchez, a festival goer.

“We’ve been waiting, we’ve been watching the forecast. So we planned around it,” said Alexander Gartley, a festival goer.  

“It was pretty disappointing to have the weather we had up until now but it makes it all the more special to be here today enjoying it,” said Cristian Gartley, a festival goer.   

With the closing on Monday, the community lost a day of entertainment but vendors lost a day of business.

“It’s not only losing Monday, Sunday and Tuesday were very bad. It’s almost as if shut down, because we didn’t do any, it was very cold here,” said Baruch Sontag, owner at Mediterranean Cuisine.

Vendors still have two more days at the festival. Friday was packed with people and vendors hope that happens this weekend

“Nothing we can do about it, it’s up to the event if the people would come up tomorrow Saturday is a big day I hope but unfortunately Sunday, It’s gonna be wet again,” said Sontag. 

The organizer for the festival said today was a great day, and he expects a strong finale. There is still a Craft Beer Expo going on tomorrow as well as lots of music and a 5k and 10k on Sunday.

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