Rochester Holiday Village gets city in seasonal spirit

The Rochester Holiday Village is in full swing downtown, filled with vendors, free ice skating, and seasonal cheer…even in 40 degree weather and pouring rain. The elements could not keep the community away from all the festival fun tonight, and the festival’s co-founder wasn’t surprised. 

Kelli Marsh says, “Every weekend, it’s just been a little different, it’s been warm, it’s been cold, it’s been snowing, it hasn’t slowed us down. Everyone has come out to enjoy this.” Kelli, along with her business partners Jenna and Sean, managed to pull off what Kelli describes as “magical” and the community can feel it. 

Lisa Ferguson, a vendor with Laughing Goat Fiber Farms says, “I’ve had a number of people stop in and say ‘this is wonderful! We’ve needed this for so long!'”

Darci Mitchell adds, “It’s a great place to be. Bring the family for sure.” His daughter beside him says, “I’m just home from college so, being able to come to this festival and spend time with my family is just really awesome.”

Some were impressed…for the most part. Young Teryn Fox says, “It’s alright. I’d probably give it like a seven out of ten.”

The Rochester Holiday Village is heavily Christmas-themed, naturally, however Kwanzaa has a major presence here and the community is enthusiastically gearing up for the occasion. For those celebrating Kwanzaa locally, the Colbert kids say this is the perfect place to be.

The kids say, “Come down here for a head start on Kwanzaa! We’re having fun, it’s such a unique and fun holiday.”

Co-founder Marsh is betting this year’s success will bring the Village back next year. “Hopefully, it’s a new tradition for every year that follows.”

And you can likely count on the Colbert Kids being there who exclaim, “Rochester Holiday Village rocks!”

To learn more about the Holiday Village, you can follow this link, and don’t forget this is the last weekend for this season.