ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Members of the Rochester community are rallying together in support of more money for the Excluded Workers Fund within the state budget.

This comes as the March 31st deadline is approaching.

Workers are asking for an additional 3 billion dollars and a permanent program similar to unemployment insurance for workers ineligible for compensation if they lose a job or earnings.

“We are here today to uplift the excluded workers’ voices. The state legislator once again failed to include them in their budget for this year and there are 175 workers who are still left out and still in dire need of assistance.” Campaign Organizer, Cassandra Bocanegra said.

Organizers worry that leaving excluded workers out of the budget will put further strain on their budgets on top of trying to recover from the pandemic.

“It’s a big task and that’s why we are prepared to continue to mobilize throughout the rest of the month of March.” Bocanegra said.

Organizers were able to get the Excluded Worker fund passed last year and are hoping to do the same this year.