Rochester City School District students had the chance to have their artwork appreciated during a special reception on Friday. 

The “Black Lives Matter” art competition was created with the “Black Lives Matter at School” organization. The reception was held at the Community Arts Education and Cultural Center on West Main Street.

Students were tasked with submitting artwork that answered the question: “What does Black Lives Matter mean to you?”

“We wanted to show people in the community that youth have a voice and we kept it very open. We didn’t say what they had to say,” said Tianna Manon, Editor and Chief of Open Mic. “What does Black Lives Matter mean to you? So, whether it was negative, whether it was positive, just tell us what you believe and that was something that was very important to us. We didn’t want to sway the students either way.” 

Four students were selected as winner. 
Some of the work has also been displayed at the Memorial Art Gallery. We’re told one piece is also being turned into a mural which will be painted by local artist Sean Dunwoody.