Thursday night, after reading Distinguished Educator Dr. Jaime Aquino’s review of the Rochester City School District, parent Michelle Masterton said she agrees with him on many points.
Masterton said she is especially on board with his concern about the district having five superintendents in the last 10 years.
“I think it’s a problem,” Masterton said. “Every time they switch over, the ideals they have will go with them.”
Some others were on the fence after reading his review.

Mom Toyin Anderson said while she is well aware there is work to be done in the district and that she felt his note wasn’t positive enough.
“Reading it almost makes it seems like our district is hopeless and I don’t want to ever think that,” Anderson said. “At least give the parents and children hope that even though we are not doing so well here, there are areas of improvement.”
Masterton said she also agree with Dr. Aquino on another point: way too much volatility in the special education department.
“Therapists and doctors know it’ll be hard for your child [there], especially special education and getting the services they need,” Masterton said. “It’s sad that parents have to go outside of the school district to get the needs of their kids met.”
Dr. Aquino also claimed the needs of students are often neglected and the district’s decision making seems driven “more by the needs of administrators, teachers, and parents.”