Rochester City Council to vote on budget Tuesday, includes $5 million to Police Accountability Board

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Disappointed, but not defeated.

That is the sentiment of Conor Dwyer Reynolds, the Rochester Police Accountability Board’s Executive Director, after a recent court ruling reaffirmed the board couldn’t discipline police.

In the board’s budget proposal, to be voted on as part of the city’s budget Tuesday, Reynolds says they’ve prepared for that.

“Our budget proposal was based on the idea that we would not have disciplinary power,” Reynolds told News 8.

What it could have soon: a $5 million budget and 50 employees.

Even without the power, because of what the board still can do, Reynolds says it’s a necessary price tag.

“We still have the power to investigate allegations of police misconduct,” Reynolds explained. “That’s what takes the resources, is having the staff to look through the facts, interview officers, that’s where the resources have to go.”

Jose Peo, a city councilmember representing the city’s northwest region, agrees with the need for a PAB, but disagrees with that five million dollar price tag.

“I think it’s a big jump,” said Peo. “I believe that it is good work they’re going to be needing to do, I’m just unsure of the amount of money that’s getting allocated to that.”

Peo told News 8 rather see a share of the funding go toward community organizations.

Other councilmembers have previously expressed support for the PAB proposal.

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