“It’s a game plan for 3 months, it’s a game plan for 6 months,” said Erin Mozisek. 

That’s how long Erin Mozisek says it could take to undo what Harvey did to her Houston home. But she needs money to do that, which means she needs her insurance to act quickly. A lot of people do. This is where a Rochester-based company is helping. 

“It’s very difficult for these citizens down there and we try to help the government officials, the insurance officials to get in there quickly with the efforts we’ve made,” said Robert Locke, Senior Vice President of Government Solutions for EagleView. 

Robert Locke is with EagleView. It collects and analyzes property imagery from the sky. Aerial photos taken allow insurance companies to compare images of before and after Harvey. Insurance companies can review an image and figure out just how much they should pay out. 

“Certainly there’s a lot of great efforts by boots on the ground in Texas right now, this enhances their jobs greatly by having this imagery at their fingertips. It takes days and weeks off the effort I would imagine by having this type of data,” said Locke. 

EagleView says over 40 flights have flown down to Texas, collecting and analyzing property damage. 

“One thing we like to say at EagleView is we bring the feel to the user, so in a disaster event like this where it’s dangerous to send people out into these areas, it’s great to have that kind of imagery from the sky where they can see everything without sending people out into the field,” said Locke. 

Imagery that could help and land money into the hands of those who need it, when they need it. 

EagleView says they will help out with assessing damage for Hurricane Irma, but in the meantime their priority remains with helping Harvey victims get back on track.