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When the Light and Sound Interactive Conference is held in Rochester on June 25-27 this summer organizers hope to deliver a “wow factor.”

Terry Clas, the Executive Director for the Light and Sound Interactive Conference, discussed the event and its goals Wednesday during our Greater Rochester Enterprise Why ROC conversation.

“At its foundation the Light and Sound Interactive Conference is an economic development initiative,” Clas said. “The mission and objectives are to bring leading-edge technology companies to Rochester so that they can collaborate and find value in connecting with the small and medium-sized manufacturers here, faculty and business leaders.”

The tech conference will have six different program tracks – Optics, Photonics, and Imaging; Cinema; Music and Audio; Gaming and Interactive Media; Augmented and Virtual Reality; and the Department of Defense. “One of the exciting parts, I think, of this conference is that we have landed Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences and leading executives in the branches of military guest speaking about new technologies that are required,” said Clas. “We’re fostering an environment for collaboration, for a more intimate, deeper conversation between those that have a product and technology need with those that can provide a solution to those needs.”

The LSI Conference will take full advantage of Rochester’s assets, including the fertile research and development capabilities and educational prowess at the University of Rochester and R.I.T. Clas said it will also showcase different venues. “In terms of the venues, we’re utilizing various areas – Sibley’s for the optics, Photonics and imaging track, we’re using Sibley’s for the AR and VR track, we’re using the Dryden Theatre for the cinema track, Hatch Hall is for the audio and sound track, and then the Convention Center will hold the Department of Defense track as well as the e-sports competition. I should mention that this is smack in the middle of the Jazz Fest, which is by design, so attendees can experience Rochester after the conference. So again, we’re utilizing a lot of different assets to showcase what Rochester has.”

Clas added the target audience for the LSI Conference is leading technologists, R&D managers, business leaders, musicians, content creators, and enthusiasts who just want to learn more about these technologies and these markets. To register, go to

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Here’s a “Web Extra” — as part of the Light and Sound Interactive Conference, this year’s Luminate competition winners will be revealed. Click the link below to learn more.

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