HENRIETTA, N.Y. (WROC) — Students from the Rochester Institute of Technology tried penetrating a popular voting machine used nationwide for a capstone project.

They say they wanted to test its security, especially if it meant making the public more comfortable in their vote.

The students wanted to do a project merging their love of computing security, and political science. They did some research and eventually got their hands on a popular machine. The company Election Systems & Software gave the students the “okay” to come up with ideas for penetrating the system.

In the end, students determined the security was strong.

“We each were able to bring our own individual skills,” said Ian Stroszeck. “I brought the overall process skills, Andrew his application security skills, and Robert was able to bring in the more firm firmware and hardware specific skills.”

“Democrats, republicans, independents, we’re all voting on the same machines,” Andrew Afonso said. “You walk into that booth, you want your vote to be counted. That’s what we’re trying to make sure happens.”

The team did identify a few areas they said could be improved with the machine, and offered recommendations to the company.