Freshmen at Rochester Institute of Technology, like John Atwood, saw the loveable “Winnie the Pooh” character “ROO” in a new light during an orientation presentation on sexual assault.

“It kind of ruined people’s views of a childhood show,,” said John Atwood, a freshman at RIT.

It was only one slide in the presentation, but it included the picture of the baby kangaroo and converted his name  “R-O-O” into an acronym about masturbation.

“It took the focus off of a serious topic and tried to make it funny, which was pointless,” Atwood added.

The slide – suggesting male students to masturbate instead of commuting sexual assault. The slide went viral – ending up on Twitter and Reddit. Some students walked away confused- some offended- but others, like Mark Davis, just thought it was another day in college life.

“I don’t think it’s a huge controversy. It’s the same goal. You’re trying to prevent sexual assault. It didn’t cause anything negative. I think it’s just an out of touch person making a slide show trying to be funny. It really wasn’t that funny,” said Mark Davis, a senior at RIT.

Rochester Institute of Technology released at statement saying:

“The format of the program was more of a “straight talk” approach, weaving in humor along with important facts and identifying resources with students.”

Though this is a hot topic on RIT’s campus right now, Atwood adds, it will eventually disappear… a lesson learned the hard way.

“They could have just made it more blunt instead of using a childhood character. They could have straight up said it,” stated Atwood.

All colleges have to offer a sexual assault prevention program . Usually the message focuses around getting consent rather than self gratification.  RIT also saying, they are sorry they offended people with that one specific slide.