ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — The Rochester-Genesee Regional Transportation Authority board today approved a temporary change to their bus schedules to allow thousands of RCSD students to get to the classroom.

RTA already buses 3,800 city students. This new plan will allow 3,500 additional students to receive transport. Those schools getting transport could be Edison Tech, North East, North West, Leadership Academy, and the Early College International High.

The plan could last about 4 months, depending on how the driver shortage goes with the district.

Many around Rochester have gotten used to the 15-minute frequency for bus pick-ups. If this plan is accepted by RCSD, it could mean a big change for a lot of people. RTA is also dealing with a lack of drivers on their end.

“Yes, we’re struggling trying to find more people,” said RGRTA CEO Bill Carpenter. “There will be some customers that will be impacted terribly.”

But all on the board agreed Tuesday the RCSD situation was a crisis, and kids need to get to school.

“There are times in life when things happen,” Carpenter said. “This is one of those things, the community needs student transportation, we are going to do it.”

The Rochester City School District needs to accept the new plan from the RGRTA before it can be finalized. If so, those 3,500 additional students could begin getting bused on Monday.