RG&E predicts a slight increase in energy bill this winter: ways to keep costs down

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Due to higher demand RG&E said customers might pay slightly more for natural gas compared to last winter. That’s why RG&E is encouraging customers to take action now to manage their winter energy bills. 

A local heating company offers ways to cut down those costs. 

Checking and replacing your filters is one of the first things Isaac Heating and Air Conditioning 
recommends, a dirty filter can increase the cost of heating your home by 17 to 20 percent. Depending on the thickness of the filter you might need to change it every month.

Also Eric Knaak, General Manager and Vice President said to make sure to set your thermostat from cooling to heating and keep it at a certain threshold. 

“When you start getting above 72 degrees then the cost of maintaining that temperature really increases dramatically,” said Knaak. “At night if you lower the  temperature about five degrees you will save enough energy to overcome the costs of making the temperatures backup.” 

Something also to keep in mind–snow, ice and extremely cold temperatures can pose safety issues for heating systems. Exhaust vents can become easily clogged causing the furnace to shut off or operate inefficiently and even trap carbon monoxide gas inside the home. 

If you are in need of some help when it comes to heating costs there are programs available to manage the costs.  RG&E suggests budget plan billing, a way to stabilize monthly heating bills. 

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