ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — In early February RG&E customers began contacting us about extraordinarily high bills some of which were thousands of dollars. Shirley King complained that since June her bills had not reflected accurate electric or gas usage, ‘This isn’t how you conduct business.” King said.

She and others blame additional solar fees, accounting errors, and unread or misread meters.

Terri VanBrooker, VP of Customer Service explains, “We’ve had issues like a lot of businesses and in the country hiring, so we were down staff and we missed meter reads.”

In addition to worker shortages, VanBrooker says customers are experiencing the impact of overall higher energy costs. She adds, “We have to purchase the gas and electricity and we only pass on the cost that we have to pay to customers.”

RG&E says the best way to offset higher bills is to use less energy. They also urge customers to call 1-800-743-2110 to make payment arrangements or visit their website.

The Public Service Commission which oversees utility companies such as RG&E has received 92 complaints from RG&E customers regarding billing problems.

The PSC states its review will determine the cause, ensure customers are held harmless and find out if there were violations of law, rules or regulations in order to hold the utility accountable.