ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Air quality outdoors may be improving but all the smoke from the Canadian wildfires blown through over the last couple of days still poses a danger to your health. When you factor in the toxic material that is left behind on your home and inside your ventilation.  

If the inside of your home or outdoors smells like smoke or looks like mildew was left behind, specialists in cleaning and ventilating houses urge you to act now or you and your family’s health could be at risk. Even as air quality improves.  

In Ontario County, Luke Abbott owns the All Clean Power Wash company and noticed his own house was already gathering ashy material from the smoke. Which can damage your home if left untreated.  

“Smoke residue from the wildfires we’re seeing actually contain organic materials,” Abbott explained. “Organic Materials cling to your siding which causes mold growth. It’s going to cause damages to your surfaces, the investments you’re making to your home, especially roofing.”  

It doesn’t take high-tech power wash hoses to clear what the wildfire smoke leaves behind off outdoor surfaces. But Abbott urges everyone to wear facial protection to avoid inhaling what you wash off.  

“We’re going to lay the detergent and then we’re going to follow up with a thorough rinse,” Abbott continued. “All that smoke residue and that dirt and debris, pollen to that’s collecting is going to wash right away and dissipate into the ground. Trisodium Phosphate is one and Bleach is another that we use.” 

This week, Triple O Heating, cooling, and electrical have experienced an increase in calls from customers with asthma and other breathing problems, concerned WITH how to get the smoky smell out of their houses.  

“We filter out particulates with a very thick pleated air filter,” Triple O CEO Luke Giannone said. “So that leaves the air clean and then we purify the air after with an I-wave ion generator air purifier. Then we can also clean the Duckworth to get any particles out of your Duckworth.”  

In times like these, homeowners should also change out filters in their AC units.  

“Hold your air filter up to a light force and if you can see a good 60%-70% of light coming through it your good,” Giannone added. “But if you can’t see through it your air is clogged.”  

After coming inside, experts advise you to wash your hands after touching any surface outside to avoid any germs from smoke ashes getting on your face or food.