ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Some Rochester residents are unhappy about trash along a Route 104 underpass in the city. They said they don’t like how messy it looks on Carter Street.

Anna Maria Perez takes summer walks with her best friend all the time and walks under the bridge.

“I see it all the time and it’s not attractive for our neighborhood at all. Especially in the summertime there’s a lot of kids walking around and families and we don’t really wanna see trash it’s terrible,” she said.

Some people told News 8 they’ve seen a lot more trash accumulate here over the past few months. There are blankets, clothes, used needles, pill bottles, and even a dead rat. Some people said they’ve seen people living here at nighttime.

“When they get what they need they’ll go up there and do what they need to do then they’ll come back and start doing the same thing all over again,” said nearby resident Craig Young.

He also said it’s not good for the family friendly area.

“They should come clear these people out too because there’s a lot of kids around here and it’s a safety issue. It’s a safety issue because the needles are all over up there.”

A spokesperson for the Department of Transportation said this in a statement:

The State Department of Transportation is actively engaged with various neighborhood groups, law enforcement agencies and service providers to address ongoing issues along the Route 104 underpasses in the City of Rochester. We remain committed to providing resources to clean these areas, and we are equally committed to developing a long-term solution with the agencies and organizations in our community who are properly equipped to address these important issues.